Maxine "Max" Watcher



GREAT – Guns
GOOD – Intimidation, Athletics
FAIR – Stealth, Awareness, Thievery
AVERAGE – Streetwise, Brawl, Acrobatics, Endurance

Acrobatics: Balancing, flipping, and tumbling.
Athletics: Running, jumping, swimming, climbing, etc.
Awareness: Spot, search, and listen.
Brawl: Unarmed fighting ability.
Endurance: Persevering despite physical strain or injury.
Guns: Wielding, assembling, and identifying guns. Max is most knowledgeable about handguns.
Streetwise: Navigating the slums, communicating with slumfolk, and locating contacts among the slum community.


  • Lone Wolf
  • Hard Knock Life
  • Survival of the Fittest
  • Protector of the Small
  • “There Are No Second Chances”

STUNTS – build points 10 total

  • Gun-Fu (2): +1 with close-range marksmanship, +1 with close-range combat, no penalty for mixing, quick draw.
  • Custom Handguns (2): pistol-whipping does lethal damage, +1 to accuracy on ranged combat.
  • Rapid Reload (1): spring-loaded sleeve clips.
  • Friends in Low Places (2):
  • Bullet Dodger (1): when aware someone is shooting at you, add difficulty to enemies’ shot.
  • Freerunner (1): bonus when running through difficult terrain
  • Combat Disarm (1): bonus to disarming people wielding guns.

Maxine "Max" Watcher

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